Havent I played this before under a different name ?

User Rating: 4.7 | The Combatribes SNES
Combatribes is basically your typical Battletoads or Final Fight wannabe, only they don't try as hard. First and foremost you are presented with three ridiculous characters to choose from, the first two being 7 foot, and the third six foot nine... basically a game about fighting who are under the impression beefy main characters that are bulging muscles will appeal to the player... not really.

The game is set consistently in the same arena each level with the same pattern. Basically each level is a flat scrolling plain, about twice the size of a Street Fighter arena. The first thing that happens in each level is an onslaught of repetitive enemies in which you are way outnumbered and annoyed. Once that barrier is overcome an arrow will flash directing you to the side of the screen opposite to the one you are on. From there you will fight the level boss and 2 spawning enemies from that level. The bosses are somewhat quirky but again they are huge beefy characters... thus adding to the bar atmosphere of the game.

Gameplay: Basically just a repetitive pummeling of pointless enemies and a mediocre story line. You play as dis-likable main characters that are giants and well, you fight giants.

Controls: Not too complex, you can punch, kick, run attack, and ground and pound, as well as a humorous swinging attack.

Replay Value: moderate.

Value: A good candidate for an arcade game.

Overall: It doesnt offer much to the player for you to be inclined to pick this game over any other in its genre.