It Could Be Better then It is Now....

User Rating: 4 | The Combatribes SNES
This is Damonkeyattack With Another Game Review for the Snes Game : The Combatribes . this i have to say is Really Really Bad Games on the system and i meant it. This game Is really hard and it Take a While to kill the bad Guy on the game. plus the Intro look so Odd.

The Graphic In the game is very good but not much as good. the game Remind me of the Arcade Game like this with the fighting part. the Problem i had the most is the control when to kick and punch is very hard just like when you get hit by a person with a wood and you die easy.

The basic thing is the game just suck because you don't get to kill the bad guys easy it take like over 13 punch or so do Knock One Down and there like 6 hitting you at one which is a unfair 12 vs 1 challenge to actually beating this game. If i was you don't put this in the collection or even buy it if it really cheap at a pawn shop.