The most entertaining thing about the Combatribes is how ridiculously generic it is.

User Rating: 4.6 | The Combatribes SNES
The Combatribes is a beat em up where you can select the powerful but slow guy, the fast and weak guy, or the balanced guy. As one of these characters, you go from level to level beating up thugs from a different gang. There are bikers, clowns, rollerskaters and dudes with knifes. After you beat up about eight thugs on a level only two screens wide, you fight a boss. When you beat him, he tells you where to find the next boss.

. This game does not try very hard to be any good or very unique and it is not either of those things, but it is not terrible. Everything seems to work as intended and you can smash guy's heads into the pavement which is fairly entertaining. This is ideal game to play with a buddy for about an hour or two a year just so you can be thankful that most games today at least try a lot harder to be good.