The mix of a innovative combat and skill system, very beautiful and somewhat complex graphics and nice story plot

User Rating: 8.5 | The Chronicles of Spellborn PC
Acclaim have just made the most interesting MMORPG so far. Action-oriented, true. Simple game mechanics, true. Few races and classes to choose from, true, again. But the rolling skillwell and the combo system just made the game worthwhile. The overall combat system is good too, but it requires a little practice. The most interesting feature of the skill/combat system is that you can customize your character a lot.
Customization comes first in this game. You can notice that while you're creating your character. You can create a unique appearance for he or she, make it something yours. And if you find someone other's just like your's, there is a dyer merchant ;)
Another amazing thing is the story plot. It's more than just epic, it's something new. Something that you actually spend time thinking about. There are some "cliché" quests, but they are not the majority. Most of them make you enter in the game's story while you're doing them. Great time for those players who like to play the character and not just play with the character.
Everything related to your character comes under the number 3. There are 3 main classes, with 3 sub-classes each. 3 Attributes, 3 types of damage, 3 kinds of magic, 3 variable stats. 3 is a good number :)
The variable stats are another innovation. Your choose of skills can give you a temporary boost to some of them, while reducing the ones of your enemies. Having more or less of a temporary status can give bonuses or penalties, which makes the game even more interesting.
The servers are stable, the game community have been nice, so far. The trade system takes a little time to get used to, but its good. The fact that equipment you use become attuned to you is a little annoying, but it's fair.
So, this is a game that will at least give a new perspective to MMORPG players.