Spellborn is OK and fun all around.

User Rating: 7 | The Chronicles of Spellborn PC
The chronicles of spellborn is a good game that has a diasppointing 2 races to play with. I choose the human and the fighter class because I like close combat. The map is huge and some days they would be a lot of people online to play and it has day and night cycle as usual. I know that MMO's normally start u off by killing animals to gain experience then when u advance, u get to kill more interesting things. It's a fun game to play but a little boring in my opinion.
Combat is Ok and the sound that comes out of it should have been better. The appearance of spellborn is ok and it is a system hog because my specs are quite but I cannot imagine why. The quest system is getting old. Killing animals and people. We need something more fun and mindblowing.
Roleplaying is fun and u run around a lot doing things for people and leveling up. I think there should be a better way for MMO's to show u where the quest is sometimes instead of going around in circles.
There are 2 ways to level up which is Fame and Personal Experience. Fame is the normal levelling up by questing and other is hard to get.
I normally like a game 1 to 3 hrs into a full game. If it is a DLC or an extension of the game package then I expect what to get because I played the original. I like this game but not enough because of some bugs in the combat system and sounds. I hope they fix it with a patch but overall it is a good game.