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User Rating: 10 | The Chronicles of Spellborn PC
Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Oh, this game changed from pay-to-play to free-to-play, so why should I play if it was so bad that it became bankrupt? Well, the game was only bankrupt because it didn't compete well with other P2P mmo's so they changed it to free-to-play to compete with free mmo's (which don't have as many features as TCoS).

This game is absolutely amazing for a free to play game. It has an actual storyline so you don't get bored of the game, it has cutscenes, it has a unique combat system which resembles Dungeons and Dragons Online (you don't have to click on a mob to attack them, you actually have to aim with your reticule to attack the mob!), the game has THE most advanced character creation I have ever seen in an MMO, P2P and F2P alike (better than perfect world which only had fully customizable faces), in the Chronicles of Spellborn, you customize their faces, bodies, as well as their clothing armor.

The combat system uses a reticule (as stated before) as well as a system which requires you to use strategy in order to excel in combat. I cannot describe how the system works because it's very detailed and complicated and it would be difficult for me to put it in words right now. Now, the client size is 8 GB. I'm saying that right now, because I don't want you to say "Oh man, why didn't ariadarabi tell me this and I had to find out the hard way by downloading the full game?" (as wierd and specific as it sounds, this has happened to me in the past).