Bored of the boars.

User Rating: 5 | The Chronicles of Spellborn PC
They tried to try something different.
But they were scared.
So they made it like it always is, and just changed the circumstances a little.
The first few minutes gave me hope, that there was some creativity at work, finally, after dozens of games who wanted to steal a few players from you know who.
After making a character, one is treated to a nice setting, flying shards of rock with picturesque towns and a city right out of a french comic book.
I could have played there for a long time.
Or so I thought.
Then came the boars. Hm, a nice touch, having wildlife animals as early opponents. And so convenient. They run around on plains, endless herds of cannon fodder.
And the wolves, and the bears. I have never seen such beasts in an online game.
To be fair, there are some nicely written quests. But how do they play? Go there, kill 8 boars of a particular kind. Go back, get experience, go back, kill 10 others, go back, get xp, kill 12, get xp, wait for it: Attract boss boars, kill them, get xp. Then go to the next quest giver, whose problem is totally different: Wolves.
And the going! GoGoGo. Walking, yes indeed. This is a walking simulator more than it is a boar killer. My goodness, what did I walk. Miles and miles. And everything is in maximum walking distance, so we can look at the pretty countryside. Yes, it really is pretty. But after the 20th round I started to use the automatic walk feature and read a magazine while going back to wherever.

Then the next area. I earned it, hard. I was looking forward to my reward, a new look, fresh challenges after what I considered a very long introduction into the art of walking.
New, er..., countryside. Same trees, same fields, same backdrop, arranged differently. New quests, though.
Raptors are the new boars.

This game has one original Idea, the combat system.
It really is interesting. Instead of some rows of skill icons, you have 5 rows, but only one of them is available at any time and each row can only hold a very limited number of skills. If one uses one skill from the current row, the next row is coming up. You can design the contents of each row as you see fit. This involves a fair amount of strategy and planning, and is really fun. Even with only a few skills available, one has to consider different situations (one boar, three boars, a boar in the distance) and put some thought into the order of skills. It has a little from trading card games, which has been tried before, but not in this way, and not with so much success. Further into the game, this may really be an interesting thing.
Sadly, I will not arrive there. No more boars for me. And no more walking.