Outstanding and definately better late than never...

User Rating: 9.5 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay - Developer's Cut PC
There are real rarities in the world of computer gaming. Things like games being released on time. Games that are pretty much "finished" when released. Games that provide the experience you paid for. All these things are rare enough but nothing is as RARE as a game movie tie-in that SUPERIOR to the movie that spawned it. Such is the case with "The Chronicles of Riddick - Escape From Butchers Bay" Not only is this game superior to the movie but it also enhances one's viewing of that film

I've seen both "Ptich Black" and TCoR and actually liked both films. I'd recommend "The Director's Cut" of TCoR though as opposed to the Theatrical Release. This film meshes smoothly with both and provides significant back story to both films. But this is a game review forum so why don't I get to that

This was a breeze, no probs loading the game and getting it to work with both XP and Vista. This surprised me greatly due to my recent experiences with the new OS

Excellent, great music great sound effects. Sounds track well. You can hear creatures sneaking up on you in the dark. You can also track the vocal taunts of guards and others and get a heads up as to where they're coming from. Vin Dielels voice overs are great and lend much to the game.

Another plus for the game as visually the thing is outstanding. With a fast rig and all the eye candy turned up you can cruise the game with nary a hiccup. Even though it's a prison planet there's plenty to see and with a big screen and the proper resolutions you're in for a treat. The cut scenes are seamless and beautiful and lend much to the experience.

Game Play
A great strength for TCoR is the game play. Not your average FPS shooter where you're give a variety of Big Honking Guns and set loose on the world to wreak havoc. Your primary weapon for most of this game is your hands. Neck breaking moves, punches, and weapons as primative as shivs and clubs makes this game unique in the land of BFG's and armor. You' have to rely on stealth and cunning as much as twitch skills if you're to get through this game in a timely and sane fashion. The levels are HUGE and I admit to having been lost many, many times. Another tihing about weapns though, if you're patient and curious you can find TWO levels in the game one scripted from the original and one a bonus for PC players, wherein you get to pilot a powered suit. A mech a big honking mech with glorious guns that shred guards into little red gobs of goo. Marvelous

Final score
Sneeking and peekin' might not be your cup of tea and using ones dukes may be old fashioned for some but for me this was a joy. Much fun, way much fun. Get it.

Da Worfster