This is a game that I enjoyed from start to finish, I encourage everyone to check it out.

User Rating: 9.5 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay XBOX
The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay was one of those games that made me think well this probably won't turn out to be very good. But when I actually played it I was quiet surprised by it, it was way better than I had originally thought it to be. After playing it I wish there was more stealth FPS out there similar to this game. Out of the whole game there's only really one probable I got and that there's not much gun play as there really should be in it.

You play as Riddick, and you get put in a prison who everyone says that no one has ever escaped and that no one ever will. But that's different when it comes to Riddick, you'll get thrown into this prison and you'll have to fight and fight and make your way out. You'll come across people who will help you then others who will ultimately try to kill you. When it comes to the movies I can really say how they compare because I've never seen them, the movies have been out for a long time but I've never made an effort to see them.

The gameplay is something that surprised me most about the game, the fighting, stealth, and shooting are all solid and pull you in. The fighting I thought would probably turn out to be horrible but they actually pulled it off and made it fun to do. You can use the right trigger to punch people and use the left to block, you'll also notice that once you get used to it and learn you'll be able to counter. When you do that it looks really cool, say as guard as a gun and if you can time it right you'll grab it and push it towards them and shoot them in the head.

As for the stealth it's done really well also, you find out very quickly that the dark is your best friend in the game and that's where you'll want to stay most of the time. Later on in the game you'll get a thing called eye shine which makes it where you'll be able to in total darkness where as your enemies can not. Thought they usually have lights on there guns but if your behind them or not to close you'll always have the upper hand against them.

The shooting is really fun you don't have a huge selection of guns like you might have in other FPS but the ones you do have a your disposal work just fine. The best thing I liked to do was get as many head shoots as I could, other times when your in firefights it's really great and exciting it never got boring at all. You'll also meeting all types of interesting people in this prison some who want you to do things for them, those are your side quest. You'll get money and so on for completing those, it also makes the game longer, because it's actually quiet short.

When it comes to the graphics and sounds there both done really well, this may be a game from 2004 but in my opinion it's one of the great looking games on Xbox. The character are modeled great and Vin Diesel really looks like himself. And the same goes for voice acting Vin diesel sounds greats there, and if you're a fan of hip hop you may notice Xzibit is in there also, he does his part just as good. The sounds isn't something to go crazy over, but it's done real well and I appreciate that.

As for things that I didn't like there isn't much here at all, the two biggest things would have to be the game for one is too short which I think they could of made it a lot longer than it was. The second thing for a FPS it need to have more gun play, it was so fun that I craved more but it didn't give it to me. I did get a little frustrated with it sometimes but I guess that's my fault for not being smart enough. There's some re play value in it, it wasn't one of those games that I wanted immediately start over after I was done but after awhile you might want to try it again on a harder difficulty or something to waste your time and have fun with.

Overall The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay is a game that I will remember for awhile to come. Just put it this way if you're a fan of stealth, FPS, or Vin Diesel you'll most likely love this game, even if you ain't a fan of that just give it a try it might defiantly change your mind.