Amazing . . . this game truly delivers a more realistic and intense First Person Shooter than the others.

User Rating: 8 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay - Developer's Cut PC
The game truly delivers a more intense and realistic First Person Shooter to the genre. Step into the shoes as Riddick ( voiced by no other than Vin Diesel ) and escape from the biggest slam in the system, Butcher Bay.

Cutting to the chase. This game gives so much to the players, there's a sense of sandbox freedom although you will progress through newer areas.

For those who enjoy a bit more detail in their gameplay, there are side missions to do with rewards that can uncover Extra Content based on Concept Arts and Movie Clips.
What's more fun is that this game reminds you alot about Prison Break. Both main characters are bald and have an intention in breaking out.

For a 2004 game, it really is a wonderful game. The gameplay is fantastic and the visuals still look stunning , even up till today and could easily compete with most games we have now.

If you do not have this game, by all means get it. If you really enjoy stealth games, this is for you but it's also action packed if you want it to be.