User Rating: 9.4 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay XBOX
I didn't think this game could live up to the hype...but all the good reviews got me really interested. I just finished playing it all the way through and have to say it was one of THE MOST fun experiences I've had with a game in a while. Now, I've "liked" many games, but very few give you such a rush as Chronicles of Riddick. The fun factor is extremely high...I kept saying to myself "I love this game" as I played through various levels and discovered new things to do. The rich story and solid action kept me going all the way through. I'm not much of a stealth fact, I generally DON'T like stealth games, but this one converted me. The balance of stealth and first-person shooting action is finely tuned. -- I thought I was going to have to wait for Doom3 or Half-Life2 to experience "wow" graphics on my Xbox...but I didn't have to wait. This game delivers with superior graphics, intricate detail and a fine polish. The sound is an intrigal part of gameplay...hearing the heart beats of your pursuers is an excellent touch. The blue tint stealth/shadows mode and purple "shine vision" is very intuitive and makes it easy to know when you can be seen. There's nothing like sneaking behind guards shooting blindly in the dark as you circle around them and take them out quietly while their buddy is unsuspecting. - Minor quibbles: I could not complete the "blue skin" mission because I couldn't tell who the heck they were! Also, the story was still vague about how EXACTLY Riddick got his Shine Sight. It just kinda happens. The health meter is a bunch of blocks...boring. Considering just how much style went into every OTHER aspect of the game, this seemed weak to me. Why not a beating heart that gets weaker or even a meter of some kind. Again, these are only MINOR quibbles. - This game rewards with exploration...climb everything you can. Open ever possible door. Talk to EVERYONE. It will make the experience more worthwhile. Look around a room before moving my first pass I missed the shock gun before going in the mines and had to get by with only a shiv and a club. (Making it tough to get from one end to the other.) - After unlocking the prototype movies of the game, I can see just how much polish and refinement went into the game. The graphics have no equal. The gameplay is awesome. The experience of playing this will go down with my memories of Grand Theft Auto 3, Metroid Prime, Halo and Medal of Honor: Frontline. I cannot recommend this game enough.