If you want to show of the Xbox's capabilities, this is the game to do it on.

User Rating: 9.1 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay XBOX
Chronicles of Riddick is an excellent game through and through. The real place where Riddick shines though is the graphics. Nothing on the Xbox even comes close to the level of detail in this game. Everything you look at is normal mapped, and bump mapped, and pretty much every kind of mapped you can think of. The environments are well suited to the story line and lend the perfect amount of atmosphere. The character models are the most impressive thing you'll find on the Xbox. The frame rate is solid for the most part and the only noticable flaw in the graphics is the occasional bullet trail coming through a wall. The gameplay is solid as well. The controls did feel a little sluggish at time, but nothing to impair the gameplay. The melee fights in Riddick are perfectly executed. There is a lot of immersion in these fights. You can really feel when your hits are connecting, and likewise when you're getting knocked around. Riddick maintains a great sense of vulnerability almost throughout the entire game. There are more than a couple of times when you will have to take out fully armed gaurds with nothing more than your bare hands and maybe a screw driver. The enemies in Riddick are not push overs either. The AI is excellent, and they will run for cover if you are armed or back away from you if you are not so that they can keep their distance while firing at you. The story is very well developed and aided by rock solid voice acting. Riddick is all about atmosphere. This means that people sound like you would espect them to sound and say what you would expect them to say in a maximum security prison. This game is definitely not for children. Riddick's biggest problem is its length. It can easily be beaten in under 10 hours and there isn't hardly any replay value either. As a result, you may want to consider renting or waiting until the price comes down. However you want to do it though, you need to get your hands on this game.