User Rating: 8.5 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay XBOX
Over all I liked this game. The graphics are good, a bit raw at times, but that fits the setting perfectly. There is a good variety of textures on the walls and the character movement was fluid. The voice acting was well done and was everywhere, very little reading involved. Be warned though, this game has tons of profanity and things you just may not want to hear (guys threatening to cut off someone’s balls and eat them etc.) . Definitely not a kids game. The gameplay is good overall, but don’t expect a great shooter. For much of the game you are limited to hand to hand weapons, and when you do have guns, they aren’t particularly accurate. This isn’t a major problem as most of the action is up close. The game gives you a lot of options in how to complete your tasks and reminds me of Dues Ex or KOTOR in that aspect. Much of the game is spent walking around and talking to NPCs to find out where to go next and how to advance. Not quite as deep as the others but enough to get you to talk to everyone and explore as much as possible. There is one almost unforgivable problem with this game. It is SHORT. I was home sick from work and played the whole game in under 8 hours on normal difficulty. Rent it and you will like it very much. Buy it and you will be sadly disapointed.