User Rating: 7.5 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay XBOX
Look the game is cool. Great graphics, voice acting, and a combination of different playing styles (stealth, FPS, a touch of RPG). Its a shame they didn't put more into the game...for example multiplayer options. That would have increased the value of the game greatly. But my biggest gripe about this game is the language. I mean come on can you shut these fools up! Everytime you come up to someone be it a guard or a fellow prisoner you have to hear them udder countless profanities at you! I guess the language would fit just fine if you were let HELL! Ok, I can understand since the game is set in a prison you want to put some realism to it, but hey I'm not in a prison I'm just on my living room couch trying to play a videogame. I like how you have the option of turning off the gore, but there needs to be an option for the language in this game. ( I can't believe I would ever be saying this about a videogame?!? ) I have found one way of avoiding the language....turn your tv or theatre system on mute, or if you like it you can just stand in front of a guard and count how many times he uses the F*** word and others. I've lost count. I have a new way of making the game fun. I try to kill the guards before they have a chance to say anything...and let me tell you, that increases the difficulty of this game drasticly! I would have given the game at least a 9.0, but the sound (language) and reply value is not there. I just don't see myself sitting through this game again with hear muffs on.