User Rating: 9.4 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay XBOX
THIS game is soooo sweet. The first thing you will notice are the beutiful graphics.The developer starbreeze got every ounce of graphical power out the xbox and then some. First off Riddick is bad @$$. One of the coolest charcters in video games. The game play has a mix of stealth and shooting action. You can go hrough a room guns blazing or you can take to the shadows and take out your enemies quietly by snapping necks or putting your shiv in there juggular (my fav) This game is a must buy for any xbox owner especially a fan of first person shooters. The only fault is that there is no multiplayer. If this game was on xbox live. It would of got a perfext score from me. Imagin one team playes like riddick can hide in shawdows and break necks. (ala pandora tommorrow) The other team will have all the fire power, and the cool battle armor suits. Hmmm something for devloper Starbreeze and Vivendi to think about for Riddick 2 :).