User Rating: 9.7 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay XBOX
If there's anything I like from a game, it's when they don't pull punches. If you want them to say the f word say the f word, ya know what I mean. This game delivers with extreme prejudice. I haven't had this much fun playing a game in a while. It's not just in the words either, the gameplay is freakin sweet. There is little that gives me more joy than sneaking up behind somebody and cracking their neck/slitting their throat. The combat is refreshingly brutal and in your face. Another great feature is Riddick. One word: Badass. As you play through the game they keep tryin to lock him up tighter and tighter but he just kicks the living crap out of everybody. It is this fact that makes the game so satisfying. Now that that blurb is over, let's anylize the gameplay further. Sorry "Breakdown", but you can't touch this fist fighting. It is blood and it makes you feel like your really beating someone down. Plus you can incorporate shivs and big ass clubs to serve the cause. The gunfights are pretty cool, and there are a few suprise as far as weapons go. But while these unsuspected suprises do spice things up, my favorite part of the game was definitley the ring fights with inmates. In conclusion, thank you Vin Diesel. You are what made this game perform to fullest potential by not being like Tom Cruise in the Minority Repoort game. Anyone whos read this far, go watch "Pitch Black", It's awsome. Bottom line: If you have an XBOX and it's plugged in, and your saving your last fifty bucks to feed your starving kids, put them up for adoption. Go get this game. Now! Stop reading! Go!