User Rating: 9 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay XBOX
Definetly a worthy addition to any xbox library. This game is just awesome. It combines stealth, first person shooting, and fighting elements that together make an awesome and thrilling experience. The story starts off with Riddick a convict being captured by a bounty hunter who decides to sell him off to the prison Butcher Bay. Calling it a prison would be an understatement. This place is really tough. Noones ever escaped it..yet. As Riddick an all around bad ass voiced superbley by Vin Diesal you have to escape this joint but it wont be easy. You will have to fight and sneak yourself out of this prison. This game is about 35% first person shooting and 65% first person fist fighting with a little stealth thrown here and there. Most of the game you dont have a gun so mastering your hand to hand combos is key. The melee combat system is surprisingly deep with diffrent combos and moves you can use. Theres also some awesome stealth maneuvers like breaking a guards neck or stabbing him in the back with your custom made shiv. The few gun parts there are rule. Theres your typical assault rifle the pistol and a shotgun and theres also a tranq gun which stuns gaurds and even mechs and a minigun which is by far the best weapon. One of the biggest innovations of this game is Riddicks eye shine. You can see in the dark with them. The shiny stuff on his eyes magnifies light which allows him to see everything in the dark but when theres strong light Riddick gets blinded and cant see and he has to block his eye shine with his goggles. Its really cool when you shoot out a light with a gun turn on your eyeshine and sneak up on a gaurd and break his neck. This game is definetly worth owning if you were a fan of pitch black. In fact if your a pitch black fan the game is a must have. If your just a gamer who wants a great game pick this one up to its one you dont want to miss