User Rating: 8.2 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay XBOX
Although I agree mostly with the praise given in the review, it is also important to point out a few annoyances. Right now I am stuck in a section where I am trapped in a pitch black sewer, with my flashlight destroyed and nothing more than a very limited set of flares to light my way. And with hordes of mutants respawning all the time, coming to get me, no matter how many I kill. The result is you have to roam around blind, sometimes not even knowing wether you are looking up or down, and with damages from the mutants you cannot see flashing up the damage'o'meter continuously. Like this you have to pick up some item for a fellow inmate, but it turns out to be a lengthy trial and error task that uses the games weakest point against you: The inability to clearly point out where you need to go, and you will therefore endlessly run around and dying a thousand deaths until you have the entire section mapped up in your mind and can finally find the way. If I wanted the challenge of making maps in the dark or remembering the right way, I would have bought "The Incredible Blind Cartographer's Adventure" or something. It is really annoying, and put me off playing further for now. Many times you need to spend a ridiculously long time to find the path to the next section, much because of the overuse of dark areas. Another weak point is the save points. Once you enter a new save point, you are pretty much stuck with what you get. If your health is down at next to nothing, and you are thrown into the save point without notice, you are stuck with this status every time you need to retry. In many cases this seems unfair, and I found no way to retreive earlier savepoints, only the last one. The third annoyance is Riddicks way of walking. Although it tries to be more realistic than other FPS'es, you sometimes get the feeling he is drunk, and is wobbeling from side to side. Not much, but sometimes enough to screw up your aiming, and smash you into a wall when you were really steering away from it. The last annoyance is the way you select weapons. It is a bit cumbersome, yet in many sections you are forced to switch between different weapons fast. Like if the light goes out from your flare, and you need to throw a new one (flares are operated like a weapon) before you are surrounded with total darkness, but switching to the flare and back to your weapon costs you too much time, so you will most likely be dead before you can finish. I have focused on the negative parts here, as everyone else focuses on the positive sides. But in fact I also agree with most of the praise, the graphics is really incredible, the voice acting and story is great and the entire atmosphere and setting is cool too. It makes you want to go on, despite some unfair gameplay design.