User Rating: 9.4 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay XBOX
Gaming at its best! This game took me back to the days of Half Life. (Quite honestly there are a lot of things that they "borrowed" from Half Life) But anyway, on to the game. Gameplay is tight. So tight that you know if your going to be able to shoot a guy at a certain distance and you know if you going to land a punch. The hand to hand combat is easily one of the best features of the game. But somehow they managed to make you feel like your in an action movie when your spraying bullets. The graphics are the best out in any videogame to date. Ever. The normal mapping is a huge showcase for your xbox and makes you realize the hardware's true potential. (If Doom 3 looks anything and plays anything like this we are in for a treat) So, yah, the graphics rock. Everything shines perfectly and you constantly feel yourself stopping just to look at how pretty a wall is. As for sound, everything seems custom made. Punching someone in the face is truly fun, especially when there is a nice wet smack noise at the end of it. The guns all sound powerful and the music score is excellent. The greatest thing in the sound department as I'm sure your sick of hearing about is the voise acting. Vin Diesal's voice acting was definetly taken seriously. You really feel like your in Riddick's body. Not one time during the game did I feel like I was listening to some AI programmer trying to do voice acting because they couldn't afford anything else. Every character has their own look and feel and sound to them. The game is short, but you simply yearn for add ons rather than being mad that your done already. Simply put, go buy the game. Well worth your time.