User Rating: 8.4 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay XBOX
Chronicles of riddick is definitely perhaps the most successful game to avoid the jinx of the film licensed game, being extraordinarily good. Graphics are of a very high standard sporting nice bump maps, however there are some niggly issues with shadows on character models. The gameplay is varied, you will not get bored first time playing through as from section to section the pace of the gameplay is changed from frantic shooting to stealthy sneaking. The combat hand-to-hand system is excellent and bowls over "breakdown"'s system which is the only other game sports this type of fps fighting. My only gripe is the shortness of the game which is not uncommon to such great games leaving you wanting more. However, enthusiasts will want to play favorite sections with an excellent save checkpoint system you can revisit any key section in a level without having to play from the beginning of the level. Another insentive to play again is to collect the smokes littered about the game which unlock extras such as game artwork film stills and trailers. An A grade title for the Xbox which is in my opinion THE best film licensed game. Ever.