User Rating: 9.9 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay XBOX
I really liked this game from the moment I started it up. The graphics are very pretty and the atmosphere is very cinematic. I could tell that they were going for a kind of interactive movie experience here, and it has come together wonderfully. I love all of the personalities in this game; each character is unique and interesting to boot. The voice acting is superb, some of the best I've heard in any game (that had voice acting, mind you.) The hand to hand combat is fun and invigorating, as well as believable. You get a real feel for beating the tar out of whomever has taken up the role of victim. I especially love the stealth action. Personally, I dislike stealth action games. They are often too tedious without enough payoff. But this game makes you enjoy stalking your victims, even if it takes an hour or so to get it done right. The guns are great, but I have to complain about one problem with the aiming. When selecting control sensitivity, it only applies to the Y axis of look control, the X axis cannot be tamed, so that placed a bit more of a learning curve on the ranged combat (for me at least). The menus are cool and I have had a great time collecting cigarette packs so far. My only real complaint about this game is that while the use of normal mapping and advanced shaders has made a very beautiful game, it is obviously quite taxing on the Xbox hardware. When a few people are on screen, you can see the resolution go way down to keep the framerate up. Other times this may happen are inside large environments, or when multiple light sources are in action. It does give you a sort of impression as to what Doom 3 might end up looking like on this platform. So in conclusion, I've had alot of fun with this game, it is indeed like participating in your own Vin Diesel Sci-Fi acion movie, and you're Vin Diesel. "The dark... you're afraid aren't you? I'm not... the dark is afraid of me."