the chronicles of riddick escape from the butcher bay is a good game based on a movie,,though..

User Rating: 8 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay XBOX
its a smart game and clever--

the game seems to take some risk here and there,,moslty all are for the better but not everything;p..-

part of the game ca nfeel a little clumsy to control and handle,,the ai isnt the best put it works,,

voice acting is good,,so is the sound of thw whole game from enemies lurking and so on;p ,,what they whisper or something;p,,and echo in hallways etc,,sound from ur weapons and so on;p,,puzzles,,cutscenes,,enviroment,,and all the action is good,,weapons are fine on their own,,specially knives etc;),,but the whole arsenal works great,,clever artistic style of choises i nthis game,,like art conecpts,,style of the game and the art,,specially the visuals chosen are quite nice,,too look at and plays of above great,,
stealth sequenses are all good,,but here is the negative it can feel a litle awkward controlling vin-diesel at time,,and game be a quite hard and frustrating at times,,well ,,hmm anyway,,and camera;p ,,but gprahics are nice but im not sure in the play fits enough for the in game play,,gprahics and enivmoments play of like this 8 / 10

story is ofcourse good since i like this action hero,,and what he does,,in liek say the film this game is based on,,

-anyway for me it was a smart game,,i liked very much in it,,but could have been better pulled of;p

anyway 8 /10 ,..

me outta off here;p