I don't think this game deserves most of the stick it gets, some of it yes but it certainly makes a great follow up.

User Rating: 8.5 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena X360
I first played Butcher Bay 3 years ago on a mates Xbox, being a fan of Pitch Black I figured "Cool, I get to learn more about Riddick this going to be awesome". I wasn't dissappointed until the hour was up and we went on to some Halo Multi-player. Anyway I was overjoyed that Butcher Bay was included with Dark Athena and that bumps it up some points imo. The start of Dark Athena was amazing, I was completely taken in by the graphics especially the way the water moved. I continued to be wowed right up to first enemy, after the man Riddick meets who is close to death which showed that Riddick hasn't changed at all. I like this. It's only after I reached the first large group of enemies that I had my only major gripe. The most annoying part of the game, I find, is the fact that even if enemies have no idea where you are they tend to walk towards you like a child cheating at a game of hide and seek. Other than that the new melee weapons make combat exciting and doesn't get boring quickly. The dialogue is as edgy as ever with Riddick continuing to appear as a tough guy while every now seeming to slip in almost the idea that he is capable of caring about other people than himself such as the girl Lynn. Overall an excellent follow up to Butcher Bay that still manages to regain most of its polish and splendour