Critics are wrong! Give this game a chance!

User Rating: 9 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena X360
When something is different people will automatically start to bash it before they can begin to realize how great something actually is. This game was developed brilliantly and was the first game that actually hooked me to my screen for an entire night. I haven't done that since I was a kid.

This game is actually one of my favorite FPS's for the xbox and all time I would say. My other favorites include Bioshock, Borderlans, Call of Duty series, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Time Splitters, and the Haloseries. (Just to show I do have good taste in games) Does it compete head-to-head with any of these games. Well all of the mentioned games are different so it's hard to compare them, but Dark Athena is great in its own unique way, and that's what is great about it. It isn't your typical shooter and doesn't really feel like a FPS. It's a stealthy adventure, with a bit of a shallower version of Bioware's talk to people and give a response method.

There are two games in this package-- the original Butcher Bay made for the xbox with revamped graphics, and Dark Athena, the new COR episode. Though the critics somewhat bashed the latter, both are outstanding and fun to play. Dark Athena has some really amazing visuals, especially once you get off the ship. It's a blast.

At first take the controls feel a bit strange, and like I said it isn't your typical shooter. It's kind of a different aiming style than you're going to be used to, especially if you're coming off the tight controls of COD. My advice is to stay stealthy as much as you can, and aim for the heads of your enemies if you are shooting your gun, and you will start to get the hang of how the game was geared to play and begin to appreciate how great of a game it is.

Both games actually have a storyline, and decent ones at that, which is a refreshing change to a lot of the garbage being thrown into the game world these days. I won't give anything away but you have to play this game. Even if you just rent it, but it's a worthy buy. It's only 20 bucks brand new now.