"The darkness…is where I shine."

User Rating: 7.5 | The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena X360
The Riddick is back and ready to slice some more flesh and brake more bones.
The game is pretty much the same EFBB,I would call it expansion pack in big "The Chronicles of Riddick" saga- story just continues and bad-ass universe saver,Richard B. Riddick, continues his journey, and again against his will.
...they will be sorry for that...

The game contains good balance between open action and stealth action - you almost always have a choice to kill somebody discreet or "action hero style" with lots of noise and blood.
With senior brother's (EFBB) background game producers have decided to not pay a lot of attention to storyline.
What I miss in this game is something fresh and new. Yes,everything is good - game looks good,sounds even better (Vin Diesel voice sounds just perfect),but shoot, slice and kill 'em all action becomes flat and routine after same time of playing.
Good vine gets even better with increasing years,the games always have to have something fresh, even the best ones.