This or The Darkness?

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Both games look awesome. Which do you prefer in terms of story and gameplay? (I have not played Butcher Bay)


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Have you picked one yet? If not, I'd say, while both are really great, get Dark Athena first. Do know that the experience of Butcher Bay here, while nearly the same, isn't the exact same as it was in the original. The music is somewhat different, though still great; the mechs you can't affect with a tranquilizer, and there are additions to not only sections of the game, but to the controls, such as being able to lean and shoot instead of how in the original you could only lean left and right without shooting (you can lean up in this as well), and the aiming and melee are switched around. In the original, aiming was toggle when you clicked in R3, but now R3 is melee while LT (L2) or whatever it is set on your PC is hold to aim down the sight. Dark Athena is great as well. I think you should buy The Darkness as well, it's just as good, or nearly as good in all respects. The Darkness has a sequel, I haven't played it but from all that I've seen and played of it (demo and what was on OnLive) it was great. The sequel isn't made by Starbreeze, and it uses a different graphics engine with a new voice actor for Jackie Estacado, but it is all very well done still and it is a continuation of the story from the first, though it goes its own way aside from a few aspects (like Jenny, Jackie's girlfriend). I recommend both.