An exciting game to a finishing ecstasy in jubilation over the most cruel situation ever using the crudest weapons known

User Rating: 7 | Soldiers of Fortune SNES
Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong!

Koookooo! Koookooo! Koookooo! Koookooo!

The time was the apocalyptic era, and it was a wake up call on this soldier of fortune to access the extent of this rule of this army of darkness in this threshold.

He came across a hood of unfortunates soldiers defending to his course much to his dislike, and the only way forward for him in this maze of labyrinth with twist and turns was to the total consumption of these unfortunate soldiers at his mercy as death before them in a hail of a stormy weather, where the storm was calm but holding and heavy to cut through with no sweat even in the rain, with lots of steamy evaporation out blazing off his steamy body in the heat of events of slaughtering these cruel unfortunate soldiers who will seek to nothing but to eliminate any rat so be it the fortunate soldier who dares comes near the this den of lions to steal of a piece or mite out of the richen cakes.

The tale was espionage in its basic terms of deceit and denial at every turn of events which leads to the truth of the fortunate soldier to be at the mercy of the eyes of death before him in the person of these unfortunate soldiers.

The unfortunates soldiers clad in bullet proof vest or apparel of a rain wear on and passing on coalition patrol to eliminate any hostile in bound on them with no mission or vision in the eyes other than that of the fear of death and the hasten o kill with limited runs of ammo and a knife for safe journey through this labyrinth.

It could be said to be a holy war, the encounter in the doomed situation where the player is locked up against a dozen of unfortunate soldiers, unfortunates in that they had no glory other than the defense of this treacherous hold of doom, while the soldier of fortune is indeed fortunate in this regard as a civilian who might be taken for granted by the unfortunates soldiers serving as guards on patrol only to turn out and about as a grand general on executive execution excursion to this unknown with his main target or projection in his eyes like a head lamp of a car shining ahead of the driver's taught and manipulations on the car.

Ultimately, the perfect goal is reached with high scores when the main target or object is acquired, with limited possibilities of survival against all these odds of a multitude of these unfortunate soldiers, the knife is fantastic when on a run in the cold rains to attack, the gun best fit for situations of defense other than assault.

In all, it is a sweet flow tale of conquest by a brave soldier one in all, just like water, colorless and tasteless, dissolving all solvents like the mission at hand.