The Chaos Engine. Highly addictive and action packed! With excellent graphics and supreme playability.

User Rating: 10 | The Chaos Engine AMI
The Chaos Engine is a highly addictive action packed shoot'em up, puzzler.

The Bitmap Brothers did an exceptional job on this game. The atmosphere, graphics, sound. These all fit the game perfectly.

This game is set in the Victorian Age. Your aim is to try and defeat the steam engine powered supercomputer. The creator of the machine has disappeared.

The local population have since been transformed into malformed mutants. You've been given the challenge of cleaning up all of this mess and defeating the machine.

Chaos Engine can be played in both Single Payer and Multiplayer. Under single player you play with the CPU.

The CPU player can often get in your way and sometimes even sabotage you or collect your required upgrades and power ups.

All of the characters you can play in the game have their strengths and weaknesses. Either in intelligence, strength, speed, and weaponry. This is all outlined in the character stats.

These character skill level statistics can be increased as the game progresses, but only within tightly defined limits.

The four characters are: Brigand, Gentlemen, Mercenary and Thug.

There are 4 worlds to get through each consisting of 4 levels each.

This is a highly addictive game that is action packed and full of thrills.

This game is an absolute must for any retro gamer.