Stiff and short, but quite interesting to try.

User Rating: 7 | The Bouncer PS2
I had the curiosity of playing the Bouncer for a few years, the name and the design of the box have an appealing effect on me, not because I like Bouncers, I actually dislike them, but that's another story. The fact is, it's a Square game and a beat-em up is a good therapy go give my gamer life a break.

There are some interesting concepts going on here. You can choose to play as three different Bouncers, each one has a different fighting style and attributes, which you can level up as you progress the game and win experience points. Each character is likable in it's own way, they're not stereotypical douches as you might think. And the setting is a futuristic World and a crazy story to go along.

Gameplay it's pretty shallow, you pretty much fight a small group of enemies, and they really don't give you a big challenge, but you think, it's going to get challenging, new big robotic enemies appear, bosses, animals and nothing changes, every single enemy opposes quite same level of difficulty and bosses the same thing, which is disappointing when you're looking for a change of pace or some challenge for God's sake. Little annoyances are that pretty much every time you fight a small group of enemies it goes to a save menu, which takes a little more steps that you would like every time you save the game, the good part is that it also let's you switch characters if you'd like.

Also for the gameplay it's quite disappointing that there's potentially a lot of interesting things happening, like jumping off a train, to aircrafts etc, but they are all cutscenes that could easily be part of the gameplay, but all this things happen and you are placed in front of the same small group of enemies. Actually thinking about it, there're not much to fight here, the whole game must have 100 or less enemies, it's off, but it feels that you should be fighting a lot more.

For the time this was released I can see how it would wow people with the visuals and art style, it's a pretty game for the PS2, the story it's quite amusing but totally crazy and you can finish the game in one or two sittings. I recommend this game for beat them up enthusiast, but for the amount of challenge, be aware.