The life of a bouncer is not that easy.

User Rating: 5.3 | The Bouncer PS2
I remember hearing of this game from my cousin back a few years ago so I decided to give it a try as I enjoyed a few of the games that the company Square-Enix had done in the past.
The story is about three guys named Sion , Kou and Volt who are all Bouncers at a bar as everyone include a girl named Dominique are are planning of celebrating Sion's one year of being a bouncer but soon things go back when a group of men attack the place then kidnap the girl os they quickly take off after them but soon learn that a greater danger is in store for not only Dominique but for them also.
The gameplay is different then the popular Final Fantasy games as this one is more into fighting freely as at certain points when there is a fight about to go on you can decide on being one of three of the characters as each of them has a different attack set as Sion is a mix of both skilled and fast attacker , Volt has powerful throwing strength and Kou has good speed to attack so when you are playing the game you see different events take place with each of the characters so you may need to play the game a few times to understand everyone that is going on.
Just like every other game out in the world this one also includes many secrets to unlock as they include new costumes for the characters to wear , new characters to play but a few only in either survival or versus mode and then you must remember that when you defeat enemies in battle you collect bouncer points as these you need to use to upgrade your skills in battle as it only goes to the character that you are playing as so it is usually best to play each at a time to help them all out.
It was a alright game to play but I'm more of a fan of the role playing stuff that Square-Enix is famous for but it was interesting to play this game so give this game a try if interested.