The Bouncer is one of my all time favorite ps2 games.

User Rating: 10 | The Bouncer PS2
The Bouncer has an amazing storyline. It has the typical damsel in distress theme. But with an added twist. This game reminds me of the N64. Because of the style of fighting, seeing the fight from above and beating the crap out of any idiot stupid enough to get in your way.

This game has tons of variety and upgrades incorporated in it. There are three characters you get to play as, each having their own style of fighting. You are able to level up your characters as you progress through the story line. You are also able to purchase upgrades for your characters (ex: new fighting moves.)

Some parts in the game have a different style of playing. Like when you get to an area it may depend on what character you are because this may influence what you must do to progress.

The storyline is what puts this game ahead of it's competition, the added drama and twists adds another dimension to this compelling game. That is why this game is in my all time favorites for the ps2.