if you are looking for another squaresoft masterpiece this game is not right for you

User Rating: 6.5 | The Bouncer PS2
if you are looking for another squaresoft masterpiece then this game is not right for you. its too short and only has the play time boosted up by constant interruptions of dialogue, although the cut scenes and cinimatics are definitely enjoyable they are put on screen almost every 5 minutes. the games story line will probably take around 1hour to finish and about half that if you skip through the scenes.

the general gameplay is repetitive, but you can string some nice combos and becomes quite enjoyable once you get the hang of it. there isnt many moves at your disposal to start with but you can spend bouncer points which is the games version of experiance points to buy new moves or to improve your stats ( power, defence and HP ). this does help towards the games replay value, there are three characters to play with and to max out all characters and buy the best moves will take several playthroughs, although this may seem boring, with the short story and ability to start the game from the beginning with your maxed characters it can actually become quite addictive and you might find yourself replaying this game as soon as you finish it.

overall the game is ok, the good graphics / great cinimatics are deffinatly worth a look and the story holds up quite well but unfortunately the lack of gameplay and combat ability bring this title down. i would recommend picking up this game if you can find it for a low price.