The Bouncer holds the key to a short story, but that's all it is.

User Rating: 5.5 | The Bouncer PS2
Squaresoft opens up a new type of title under their name. This new title is called The Bouncer; a fighting/action genre game about a boy named Sion whose girlfriend gets kidnapped. Ironically, Sion works as a "bouncer" at a bar in town. Evidently, because Dominique (Sion's girlfriend) gets kidnapped, it is his first anniversary as a bouncer. Without relevance, a bunch of ninja-type looking people jump through the windows in the bar and take Dominique away. Now, Sion and his two friends Volt and Kou go on an extremely short adventure to the Mikado corporation.

The length of the game is extremely short. You will play the game for about a total of 30 minutes, with an hour worth of cut-scenes. Do not fret, however! You can supposedly replay the game as the other characters to receive more story. While this is nice, there is not much story at all. Think of the game as Squaresoft's version of Mario, but finding the princess in the first castle.

While the visuals pack quite a powerful punch, the voices and sound do not match up very well. The only thing worse the horrific voice acting in the game is the undeniably pretentious story-line. While the story is lacking quality, originality, and quantity, the gameplay does not impress at the slightest. A couple taps of the square button and maybe a few triangle buttons mixed in with a spam of the O button will have you at the end of the game in just under two hours. Of course, there are a few times you have to walk around and find doors. Aside from that, you have versus mode to play with friends, making great use of the multi-tap function, and survival mode.

It is clear that the game is not very well put together. Visuals are quite amazing, but the gameplay is boring and almost repetitive, the sound is decent with exception of abysmal and unpleasant voice acting, and a completely out-of-the-air storyline that does not impress. The Bouncer is a decent play for a short time with only graphics that say yes.