Very addictive game!

User Rating: 9 | The Binding of Isaac PC
7.8 user score are you kidding me?!! This is so awesome game. It only costed like 2 euros 50 cents. In this game you don't have saves. Once you die, you must star the game from very beginning. But this what makes this game so great and addicting. I like the graphics style in this game. It's cool. Music is epic yep that's right so epic. I could listen to it many hours. Controls are great. Nothing to complain about. There is so much stuff you can collect in this game. Believe me this game is pretty hard. I finally finished the final final final Final boss. It took only about 50 hours lol. Well I'm still trying to get all items but I don't think I could do it. Well I have played this game only for 50-60 hours. I really recommend you to buy this. This game is so fun.

gameplay: 8
graphics: 8
music: 9
lasting appeal: 10