An addictive little game with a ton content

User Rating: 9.5 | The Binding of Isaac PC
I've been playing Binding of Isaac with and without the DLC and it is possibly one of the most addicting game I've played in quite some time. At first glance it doesn't look much better than any other flash game you could find online but upon further inspection the game has quite a bit of depth. Finding the right combination of items, power ups, pills, and more can completely change your game experience. Will your character be a speedy little bastard that shoots out ghostly tears that pass through walls and enemies, will he be a slow demon that vomits blood doing tons of damage, or will you be a conquer the game shooting multiple globs of chocolate milk.
Beating the game just once isn't enough either. With each play through you can unlock more powerups and even new characters. For the price it might be the best game around.