Super Meat Boy and Beyond!

User Rating: 9 | The Binding of Isaac PC

The Binding of Isaac game reminds me of Super Meat Boy and I think it can be said to be the spiritual successor of that.

The game is fascinating in many senses, but it struggles to get you into its' features as these are lumped together inside a compressed bag and presented to the users in a hasty manner, which is to say probably was done intentionally. You will see probably everything to see in first ten minutes but it will take you days or week to master it. I haven't finished the game since it really is challenging. The challenge is to know how to use the bombs, keys which I call it the strategic planning challenge and there is quick-to -press and accuracy challenge. The game also has implemented the underestimated element of luck to the game, and it is quite fun. The levels design are random, keeping game challenging. The graphics are super artistic and unique in it is own way.

This games comes with brilliant new or refined ideas and it is a must to play.