Simply Wonderful and Addicting

User Rating: 8.9 | The Bigs X360
Well this will be my first ever review so I hope that you guys will like it. So "The Bigs", some people might see it as Slugfest V.3 but nope this is a completely different game. The game has many strong points which help it to be an easy buy for many people.

First of all, the game is easy to play for anyone, even if you aren't a baseball fan . There are a few times when your jaw will just drop while playing the game. The only issue I have with this is the turbo meter. When you pull the Right Trigger, the turbo stays on which drains it a lot.

The modes in the game are simple, Play Now, Exhibition, HR Derby, HR Pinball, and Rookie Challenge. The most interesting ones in here are the Pinball game because it puts you right in the middle of Times Square and lets you just rip balls everywhere. This was strangely addicting and fun.

The Rookie Challenge mode lets you create your player and play with him from a rookie all the way to the World Series. This is a good 17-20 hour mode which can help pass the time. This includes some interesting mini games such as an obstacle course. What the game really did well was the commentators focus on your player as well and gives him the attention.

Along with the great modes, there are the great graphics. Each player is almost identical to their real life counter part but a little more bulkier. The loading screens are filled with facts as well and include a great picture of the main player of the team.

This is a wonderful game and I recommend it to almost anyone who wants to just pass time with a wonderful game.