I didn't really know what to expect when I picked this game up at the store and I am SO glad that I did.

User Rating: 9 | The Bigs 2 X360
I just picked up this game yesterday but i think i have played it enough and waited enough to let the initial 'awesome effect' wear off. I never played the original Bigs game so I cannot compare this game to that one but if it was anything like the Bigs 2, then i wish i would have bought it too.

First of all, this game is very, very addicting. I put the game in my system about 11 PM and was planning on playing for less than 2 hours. Well, that didn't happen. The next thing i knew it was 3 in the morning and i was still wide awake.

I have mostly played the Become a Legend mode but i have also played the home run pinball a bit. The pinball is fun for a while but would be much more fun with a friend. The become a legend mode has a good mix of requirements although some are much harder than others. But to me the hard ones are OK because they present more of a challenge.

No games are exactly the same because of the variety of players on each time and their legendary abilities. For example, I played against the colorado rockies and just hit long ball after long ball and scored 21 runs, and right before that i played the Seattle Mariners and scored one run because their outfielders kept robbing me of home runs.

The soundtrack is fine with me, nothing super special or super bad. The same can be said for the announcer. I dont really notice him very much when I'm playing. I havn't played it online at all.

The only problem's I have noticed are minor. One small problem is a lot of the motions don't flow together super smoothly because they move so fast. Another small problem might be that the varying difficulty may be frustrating, but that can probably be solved simply by changing the difficulty setting.