A blast to play

User Rating: 9.5 | The Bigs 2 X360
Just picked it up last night and have only had a chance to play a few hours right now, but if you loved the original bigs, the game play is very similar with a few added extras. The solo player career mode is a blast. Something I wish 2K9 (Also a fan of) should have broaden on their own game more. The graphics are amazing, even though they are more acrcade like then 2K9. The game play and controls are very easy to pick up and learn for anyone. I love the Turbo / Heat and Legendary catch plays. Yes this is more of a pure fun game then a serious baseball sim. Now I wish 2K sports next would come out with a bigs hard hitting football game with the turbo and heat modes.
Character generation would be fun if they were set up to use the Xbox live camera, or had more options to create your own character to have more facial features then the basic generic ones included with minimal changes. I would also like to see a larger uniform selection with all the available alternate jerseys. I know I have not unlocked all the cooperstown and turn back the clock jerseys, but the game seems to be missing some additional alternate ones as well. Perhapes with a patch, there will be more included. I also think it would of been cool to add all the international USA, Japan and such teams from the 2009 World Classic Baseball games.
Hit 'em where they aint.