A good follow up to the prequel, but still it has a few glitches and things that should of been looked at

User Rating: 8.5 | The Bigs 2 WII
I bought BIGS2 for a understated price.

The Gameplay

BIGS2 has been a great game, many new features include: Season mode, be a legend, home run pinball and mini games.
One of the biggest glitches in BIGS was that there was no season mode. it says it in the name, you have the chance to play as your favourite MLB teams in a full length season.
Be a legend mode is the same feature as the main game play in BIGS. You create a MLB player, in the story line you have suffered a horrible injury. You start of in Mexico were you just play 3 games as warm ups to get back from your injury. After this you pick your favourite MLB team and play though many teams taking 1 player as you go along
Home run pinball is a mini game were you hit the the baseball into targets. There is a version in las Vages, times square and tokyo.
There 4 mini games. they are power, contact, speed and glove. Power is like home run pinball but in the ST. Louis Cardinals,stadium. contact is just try hit the ball. In speed you run an assault course. Glove is when you try to catch the ball in differnt positions.
The player rating system is the same as BIGS apart from instead if 1-5 it has an added setting of legendery. Haveing Legendry play is a large step up, they can make legandry catches (a new feature in wich you need to point the WII remote and "tag" the balls").

The Graphics

The grapics were never going to be good, because this is a WII game.

BIGS2 is a large step up from BIGS and for any fans of BIGS, BIGS 2 is a must buy