The bigs 2 is amazing

User Rating: 9 | The Bigs 2 X360
when i bought this game i wasent expecting much but its not as good of graphics as mlb the show or as realistic but it is the most fun baseball game ever sure it is a little cheesy how you can dive 20 feet to catch the ball but it is just so fun and it never gets boring. then they added be a legend mode and that is a long fun series because you create your guy and customize him how you want. This game is no dought the best baseball game ever! I suggest to buy it even if your not a baseball fan.(sorry i have to do this) ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya yayayayay ayayayayayaya yayaya yayayaya y ayayaya ya yay ayay ayaya yayayaya ayayayay aay ayayayay ayaya y a yaayya yayayayayayayayayay a ayayaya yyayayay ayaya yayaya ya yay ayayayaay aa yyay a yayay ayaa yyay a yay aya ya ayyaa yyayayaayya yayayayayayay aaya yyayay aay yaay ayaayyaayaya yyayayayayaayayyay ayaya y aayyayayayyayay ayayay ayayaa yay ayay ayaya yayayayaya yayaya yayayayayayayayayay ayaay ayyayayayayayay ayayayayayayaya yay ayayayaaya yyayaa yayayayayay