A collection of games from games designer and artist Edmund McMillen

User Rating: 6 | The Basement Collection PC

This is a collection of games from games designer and artist Edmund McMillen, who is famous for Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac. This compilation features several games of Edmund's early work which mainly found their home on free Flash game websites.

There's plenty of variety between each games, although most are done in Edmund's distinctive and creepy aesthetic. There's the original Meat Boy (a tricky platformer), Triachnid (navigate a three-legged spider to carry her egg sack through the level), Coil (an abstract experience visualised through conception), Grey-Matter (a shooter-like game but you ram enemies), Spewer (puzzle platformer using vomit to help you navigate), Time Fcuk (dimensional shifting platformer), Aether (navigate a boy through space using rope physics).

By playing the games, you can unlock concept art, interviews and deleted scenes from 'Indie Game: The Movie' which Edmund featured prominently.

Since the games were available for free, this convenient collection and bonus features only sets you back a few pounds (£2.99 on Steam), and is aimed for fans of Edmund. It's hard to recommend this to anyone else.