The Basement Collection Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Beat Boss Rush in Grey Matter ( (o) )
    Beat Mormal Mode in Grey Matter ( )
    Beat Expert Mode in Grey Matter ( o )
    Come full circle in Coil @
    100% Meat Boy <3
    Make more progress through the main game in Time Fcuk "Hey, do i know you?"
    Complete the game the wrong way in Time Fcuk "How odd, because i'm very sure i remember you"
    Complete the Unknown in Time Fcuk "I'll leave when you remember who i am"
    Make progress through the main game in Time Fcuk "Oh, hello"
    Complete chapter 2 in Time Fcuk "Please leave me alone"
    Complete the game the right way in Time Fcuk "Sorry, i don't remember you"
    Create a level in the editor in Time Fcuk "Steven?"
    Make even more progress through the main game in Time Fcuk "Why yes, you do actually"
    Complete Spewer Chapter 5 Acid Reflux
    Complete Spewer Chapter 2 Bad Milk
    Discover the Moon's of Bibulon Bibulon's Moon
    Complete Spewer Chapter 4 Bile Butter
    Complete bonus chapter in Meat Boy Bonus Meat!
    Create and play a custom level in Spewer Build it and they will Spew
    Discover the Moon of Debasa Debasa's Moon
    Collect 8 bandaids in Meat Boy Dr. Fetus!
    Discover the Moon of Earth Earth's Moon
    Complete chapter one in Meat Boy Forest Funk
    Find and collect all the lost larva in Triachnid Found
    Collect 16 bandaids in Meat Boy Gish!
    Unlock all bonus content Golden God
    Discover the Moon of Gravida Gravida's Moon
    Complete chapter three in Meat Boy Hells Bells!
    Complete Spewer Chapter 3 Hot Sauce
    Get XXX points in one playthrough in Grey Matter I
    Get XXXX points in one playthrough in Grey Matter II
    Get XXXXX points in one playthrough in Grey Matter III
    Complete Triachnid Lost
    Discover the Moon of Malaisus Malaisus's Moon
    100% the basement collection Platinum God
    Complete chapter two in Meat Boy Salty Dreams
    Complete Spewer Bonus Chapter Spew Spew Spew
    Complete Spewer Chapter 1 Stomach Flu
    Collect 4 bandaids in Meat Boy The Blue Castle Crasher!
    Find the Crybaby The Crybaby
    Find the Demon The Demon
    Finish the Game The End?
    Find the Glutton The Glutton
    Find the Lost Bird The Lost Bird
    Find the Paradox The Paradox
    Find the runaway The Runaway
    Find the Skinless Boy The Skinless Boy
    Find the lost spaceman The Spaceman

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  2. Unlockables For The Basement Collection

    Beat Coil A.V.G.M (Game)
    Beat Meat boy Meat boy Map pack
    Beat Aether The Box (Drawings)
    Beat Time Fcuk The Chest (Drawings)
    Beat Triachnid The Lonely Hermit (Game)
    Beat Spewer Thicker than water (Comic)

    Contributed by: Enurp