Imagine all the good things about Diablo, remove them, sh*t in their place, and you'll have the Bard's Tale!

User Rating: 3 | The Bard's Tale PC
Bought this for 2 euro on the steam sale. Was probably a bit too much.

The Bard's Tale is suppose to be a parody of other RPG games, but the only thing it really managed to parody is itself.

The graphics apart from character models are really bad, sound quality is poor, videos even worse. The Combat consists of clicking the LB and blocking occasionally. Oh, and having to constantly summon creatures to fight for you. Really, what is the point of having to summon a merc, let them die, and then instantly re-summon them again with no penalty?

The story is incredibly generic and as a parody, it fails. I was expecting this game to be fun, but 3 hours in I haven't had as much as a chuckle. Pretty much all jokes fall horribly flat, and the few that could have been considered funny I've heard long ago.

The camera angle too is terrible. It's placed right above your character rather than the normal tilted isometric camera of similar games, giving you a very tiny FOV. Indeed, this made a boss fight nearly impossible as the guy teleports away as soon as you come near him, meaning you have to shoot him with your bow, which ofc you can't because well, he's outside the freaking camera angle!

So in summary, if you want Diablo without any skills, only one type of attack, no loot, identical enemies who take way too long to die, terrible level design, awful song numbers. dry jokes and a generic story, then go ahead and get this game. Hint: you shouldn't.