Have fun with the Bard

User Rating: 9 | The Bard's Tale PS2
To fully appreciate one can not take them self or RPGs in general to serious, If you can get over that hump then this is your style you'll love the game. Although it is a bit repetitive and leaves you wanting more its the only one of its class that i know available. So a must play
Is dated for graphics and was never top of line but how often does your "hero" get no love from anyone and yet is still a hero?
Sort of hack em slash em with limited plot but who needs variety is the current going price on this game.

Unlike most games you start out as a loser, much like the designers and end as one no matter the path you take. Some basic themes here for fantasy and just good vs evil, evil vs stupidity , stupidity vs limited dialog options, limited dialog vs good and evil or just plain snide comments