This game is a very funny and worth your time, but don't expect an amazing camera system

User Rating: 8.5 | The Bard's Tale PS2
There are 5 parts to this game story, nice or snarky, dungeon crawling, summons, and the clever jokes.

The story is that you are The Bard (a traveling Musician), he has no name, and you are told that you are "the chosen one" to save a princess from an evil wizard. The bard is smart though and refuses as he has seen many of "the chosen ones" die because they let it get to their head. He is convinces when see that the princess is hot and full of cash. So he goes to save her in the name of coin and cleavage. So as you can tell the Bard is not the most nobel of the rpg heroes you have played as but that is not a bad thing. He has a bruce cambell attitude with one liners and sarcasim. The Bard is not the only character that does this, the story is read from a story book by tony jay who hates the Bard and is tired of reading the story. They have some really funny arguements that make this story even better.

Nice or snarky: The game has a choice system that effects the game in which you have a choice to be nice and nobel or rude and clever. The choices are never shown, but you know it will be rude or nice. The gameplay does change like the rewards you get off of a quest or if you get to flirt with someone. You are not to only be rude and only nice though you have to choose both ones at different times to get the best out of the game. It more for enjoyment but there are a few choices that you make that have a major effect.

The gameplay: The action is over head camera view with you character using swords to arrows to flails. You summon creatures to fight by your side and are used to complete puzzles. There are normal level up systems for every level you get three level up point to all of the normal characteristics but you also level up rhythm which increases which adds to your summoned creatures. The summoned creatures are general party members but if they die you can just play a song to summon them again. The summoned creatures rarely talk but only in certain cutscenes, like I once was about to save a village and the knight talked, the only other time they talked was before the last boss. It would have been nice if they talked about when you were stuck on a puzzle or important fight but that was the only time I heard them talk.

The dungeons: There were 4 main dungeons and 5 optional ones. The 5 optional take around 10-20 mimutes each. The main dungeons talk an hour and a half each. The main dungeons had a pattern 3 floors, few puzzles, kill boss on 4th top floor, fight way out of dungeon repeat (except on the last dungeon). The bosses were hard but you could beat him in 2-3 trys.

Final view: there is some much in this game to love a very good 18 hours in a scottland rpg. It is worth a buy.