Humor and adventure abound, this game is an instant classic!

User Rating: 8 | The Bard's Tale XBOX
The Bard's Tale is a new take on an old game, though clearly trying to spoof Dungeon crawling RPGs of yesteryear this game has not only done so with a great sense of humor, this game also stands out among the crowd on it's own. The game sets you as a bard who travels about looking for adventure, silver and lustful pleasures. The humor starts straight away with this game but sometimes slows down to a serious pace.

You set off on adventure where you can summon sidekicks to aid you in battles, though I don't like the top-down ONLY perspective it doesn't take long for you to accept it. With the graphics being as crisp as they are the developers should have added a 3rd person perspective and left the top-down optional for the nostalgic feel. Levels aren't easily obtained but there are plenty of creatures to battle. Sometimes battles can be a bit more than you bargained for but never seem impossible.

All things considered this game has alot of the elements that make a game great! The Bard's Tale is a solid RPG to add to your collection, humor and adventure abound, this game is an instant classic!