Easily one of the top 10 android games to this date! (15/11 2012)

User Rating: 10 | The Bard's Tale AND
Hilariously fun
Highly addictive
Helluvalot better storyline and characters than any other RPG game out there, and gameaddiction lead me to suffer through most RPGs out there. *blargh*
cheap to purchase from google play

Very few cons, at some point the game may crash but some pressing past movies solves the problem.
Controls would benefit some rumble-feedback (like keyboard on Note2 and so forth)
Several saving spots should be availible (a moron tried it on my N2 and used my saved up gold to purchase a crappy feature i did not want, and I cant go back and start previous from this despite it came with an additional save spot. Thats just wrong.)
Context is the only really crappy feature beside saves is in-app-purchase sheit option that should be banned from android market yesterday.

It is now on sale for half price, go get!