Hall of Fame Game

User Rating: 9.4 | The Bard's Tale: Tales of the Unknown, Volume I PC
Today this game's format may not make it. I guess you can say that of almost any game over 20 years old. It was a FPW (first person walker). You had the first person view but never saw any part of yourself or your weapons. You created a party of characters. This was similar to D&D stats and rules. Basically , you picked race and class and "rolled" for your attributes for each character in your party. It was easy to control your entire party. Everyone moved as one at once - you never saw them - only a windshield view as the whole party traveled. The main window displayed long rows and alleys that looked almost alike until you found someone to interact with. Then another box displayed the person or creature. You were then given the option to leave (or run away) or interact (fight). In combat, the game asked what you wanted watch character to do as each round came up. Then it told you (in print ) what the result was. Every place - whether city or dungeon - was a maze. I spent quite a few hours as a grade schooler playing this and had a total blast. Sometimes I still will play this- I guess it brings me back to memories of another time in my life. This was NOTHING like the recent re-release. Some old fans made an updated version in the same gameplay style called Devil Whiskey - based on the original Bard's Tale series.