The first game of a legendary trilogy, The Bard's Tale was a true joy.

User Rating: 9.4 | The Bard's Tale: Tales of the Unknown, Volume I PC
Ever since the original Dungeons and Dragons board game came out, role-playing games captured the imagination. However, with RPG board games there was always a lot of calculating, making notes, rolling dice, collecting cards, etc. There were many things you have to take care of, but would prefer to not have to. This is where computers came in.

The computer took care of all the complex calculations, of all the variables and the most important thing; you didn’t have to worry that it would try to cheat you – like some human players tend to. Thus the RPG genre got transferred to different computers quite early on.

The Bard’s Tale is one of such great RPG games, that people simply loved to play. The games got ported to PC a bit later still the complete trilogy is available.

Although The Bard’s Tales is classical RPG, it is somewhat different then many others. First off, you don’t get to customize your characters. You need a party to go on a quest, like with every classical RPG, but you only get to select the race and the position of the party member. There are no skills, wisdom, magic or any other points you get to distribute either randomly or intentionally. You only create characters and make up a party to go on the quest.

And that quest is to overthrow the evil wizard Mangar, who has seized control over the city of Skara Brae. This may sound very easy, but bare in mind that Mangar is helped by all sorts of monsters, which you'll have to fight on the streets, in dungeons, in sewers and in the very towers of Skara Brae, where the evil one hides.

So if you’re looking for a classic RPG from the golden era of computer gaming, the original Bard’s Tale is the right thing for you!